Law Society in names for cash row

A Law Society initiative to sell members' details to advertisers has led to a string of complaints from angry solicitors.

Chancery Lane has received 15 complaints about the initiative since January and now plans to place announcements in its journal, the Gazette, to alert members.

Solicitors will be advised that they can take their names off the lists if they wish to.

The details supplied, including solicitor names and office addresses, allow advertisers to target individual solicitors for direct mail campaigns. One furious solicitor complained after receiving adverts for financial services, training courses and medical vaccinations.

The details of members are from the Law Society Roll and are not protected by the Data Protection Act.

The society charges £405 for the minimum order of 3,000 names and £135 for every additional 1,000 names supplied.

A society spokesman said the marketing campaign was “absolutely unremarkable”. “It is nothing to be ashamed about. It is a way of earning money for the profession,” he said.