Law Soc president allays fears over lack of independence under Legal Services Act

The president of the Law Society Andrew Holyrood believes the Legal Services Act will enhance the independence of the legal profession.

Speaking today (1 October) in his opening of the legal year address, Holyrood’s remarks were in stark contrast to the speech made by his predecessor Fiona Woolf 12 months ago.

This time last year the society expressed concerns that the independence of the legal profession was in jeopardy due to the amount of influence the Government was perceived to have over the appointments to the Legal Services Board.

Holyrood said that, due to lobbying over the past year, the Legal Services Bill has been amended to a satisfactory level.

“The Legal Services Act will usher in unprecedented change and with that will come unprecedented opportunities for those with imagination and enterprise and those who put the needs of the client first,” he said. “But I want to make it clear that the integrity and independence of the profession will be enhanced, not endangered, by the new legislation.”

Commenting on the effects of alternative business structures, Holyrood added: “Soon new business entities will be the new business reality.”