Law Soc moots new figurehead position

THE LAW Society is poised to create the powerful new post of a director general.

Council members are studying the governing bodies of other professions – such as dentists, doctors, accountants and architects – in an attempt to develop a new structure.

President Michael Mathews says: “This is carrying on the process of restructuring that started at the end of last year.

“We will have to make some decisions fairly soon. We could be seeing a director general of the Law Society, but I emphasise 'could'.”

A spokesman says: “A director general would take an active role as a spokesperson and figurehead for the organisation.”

Council members are being asked to fill in a questionnaire on the future structure of the society. Final recommendations will be put forward at a meeting on 22 April. Other proposals include paying council members to attend society meetings.

As reported in The Lawyer on 8 March, members are clamouring to be paid for attending meetings.