Law Soc launches legal aid leaflet campaign

THE Law Society has issued leaflets to legal aid firms urging their clients to join the campaign to prevent the Government from dismantling the legal aid system.

“Access denied” – produced and distributed at a cost of £13,000 – describes how conditional fee arrangements (CFAs) work and explains the pitfalls of entering into a CFA.

The leaflet urges the client to join the campaign to save legal aid by writing to their member of parliament or attending their MP's surgery.

It warns: “If the rug is pulled out from under legal aid, solicitors will not be able to afford to take on all cases on a “no win, no fee' basis. Some may well go out of business.”

Law Society director of communications Barbara Cahalane said: “There are many people who will not be able to afford the insurance premium for a “no win, no fee' case. Once legal aid is taken away they will have no way of getting the help they need.”