Law Soc in IT row

A BITTER spat has sparked off between the Law Society and the legal software suppliers which were left out of the society's technology guide for small law firms.

Last week The Lawyer reported how computer industry body the Legal Software Suppliers Association (LSSA) had attacked the Law Society for "doing a disservice to the legal profession", by issuing a guide which featured five selected software companies.

Companies left out of the guide complained that the list did not represent the quality of suppliers available and was based on "misguided" criteria of size, reputation and product capability.

But in a letter to The Lawyer this week (see page 16), the Law Society hit back at the claims, saying it was "not [its] job to mollycoddle the software industry" and claiming to be "entirely unconcerned" about supplier grievances.

Law Society head of press David McNeill said: "If a software company did not meet the criteria set for this guide and were not prepared to work with the smallest firms – tough.

"If the unsuccessful companies feel they are so good, then they will survive with or without our support."