Law Soc conference’s comic touch

Twenty-four hours after The Lawyer broke the news about Allen & Overy‘s new salary and career package for associates, it’s still the talk of the City – and, according to our stats, is easily the most clicked-on news story of the week.

City pay rises of 15 per cent across the board are always noteworthy (for more on this, see The Lawyer on Monday). But they’re light years away from the other big event of the day, the Law Society Conference, where legal aid dominated the agenda.

It wasn’t the usual yawnfest. New Law Society president Fiona Woolf laid into the Legal Services Bill, which livened things up.

The best comic turn, though, was from the Lord Chancellor, who argued that just because he got to appoint the chair of the Legal Services Board it did not mean government interference.

How we laughed.