Law Soc C&I Group names new group chair

Page replaces Alvin Shuttleworth, group company secretary and legal director of British Nuclear Fuels. The regional chairs are headed by Edward Smethurst (North West), Carol Williams (North East), Paul Kato (Tyne Teeside), Macolm Walby (South West) and Ian Chate (London).
One of the issues that Page will be focusing on is the abolition of Rule 4, which would enable employed solicitors to give advice to any one else other than their employers. This issue is due to be debated by the Law Society next month (see feature, page 22).
Page trained in-house at Citibank and also worked as an in-house lawyer at Next. She previously worked at AB Hammond (before it became Hammond Suddards Edge) in Bradford and joined the Co-operative Bank in 1989.