Law Soc changes let Willoughby become Rouse again

IP protection firm Willoughby & Partners has changed its name to Rouse Legal, after the Law Society lifted restrictions on the use of the firm’s name.

Managing partner Tony Willoughby said: “The object of the name change is to underline the very close connection that exists between the UK legal practice and the global intellectual property consultancy, Rouse & Co International.”

In 1996, the firm changed its name to Willoughby & Partners from Rouse & Co, when Rouse & Co International established itself as a separate IP consultancy. Under the Law Society rules at the time, the same name could not be used for both businesses.

The name change accompanies a move to new offices in Docklands.

The firm stated that despite the name change managing partner Tony Willoughby remains an important part of the team. The firm has been planning the change for more than a year.