Two regional law firms have won a £30,000 award for a multimedia project designed to give clients access to legal information on CD-ROM and the Internet.

Dennis, Faulkner & Alsop, from Northampton, and Tollers Solicitors, of Leicester, joined forces with management consultants Company Profiles Group, and information systems consultants, Ashton Court, to create a winning proposal for the Department of Trade and Industry's awards to improve business performance.

Entrants had to demonstrate how they could improve business performance by creative use of existing multimedia technologies. The firms had the idea of providing a legal advice service called Legal PAD (Provision of Advice Digitally).

Under the proposal, the group will produce customised CD-ROMs for prospective institutional clients such as banks and insurance companies.

The firms will write and collate information on key legal issues which will be made available through interactive CD-ROMs and Web sites, due for launch in May 1997.

Tollers partner Anthony Holt said: "Although we have an established presence on the Internet, we are always looking for improved methods of communicating with existing and prospective clients. We see this award as a way of helping the firm to take advantage of the very latest technology."

Science and technology minister Ian Taylor said: "Technology is a problem-saver, not something to be afraid of. But it is no good telling people that multimedia can improve their business, you've got to show examples of benefits gained."