Law firm freebie gives student electric shock

Law firm freebie gives student electric shockCMS Cameron McKenna has proved it’s not the brightest spark in the legal market – after a student received an electric shock from its law fair giveaway.

The firm has had to recall hundreds of the branded travel adapters it had produced for the law fair season after a Cambridge University student was “shocked” by the product.

The giveaway became live when the unsuspecting student plugged it in and then touched its protruding pins.

With the milkround season well underway, the firm has had to recall the product from five Universities as well as a Graduate Diversity Event held in Canary Wharf on 29 October.

But this isn’t the first time a firm has been left blushing by a duff product. Linklaters once produced a mug with the howling spelling error – “Thirst for knowlege”.

A spokesman for Camerons said: “Obviously we are disappointed to have to recall the adaptors, however we feel the safety risk is unacceptable.”

A graduate recruitment manager from a rival firm said: “We do feel the whole freebie thing is getting a bit out of hand and perhaps this is a good demonstration of the point.”.