Law firm and accountants play duet for music service

West End law firm Schilling & Lom has teamed up with accountants Baker Tilly and pop artist agency Dirk Sommer to offer musicians a one-stop shop for services, from tax and legal to marketing and promotion.

They have formed a joint venture company called New Deal Management (NDM) which aims to spot and market new talent. The first client was recently signed up London club circuit band Sparrowman.

Baker Tilly's Stephen McMellon said: “This is a concept which breaks new ground in that it offers up-and-coming musicians a number of different services under one roof.

“Our approach is to give artists immediate access to experienced industry professionals who in turn will be able to call on other contacts for important specialists such as tour promoters and merchandisers.”

Other services will come into play during tours or cross-border music deals, where tax and legal issues are often paramount. Sommer, an established musicians management agent, boasts a roster which includes Rod Stewart and Yes.

NDM also has offices in New York and Los Angeles. It aims to build a client base of unsigned artists who have written a number of songs. “This will enable us to build a credible profile with the artist who can be offered to selected record companies,” said McMellon.