Lawyers Against Loneliness

Legal professionals from overseas stuck in the UK during lockdown

A quick reminder that we set up this LinkedIn group during the last lockdown and it’s open to non-UK types who find themselves stuck in Britain away from their families.

Things that are also law firms, #1

We can’t imagine this will be a long-lived feature but send us your contributions if you have them. First up, a lovely pint of Muckle beer, from the same part of the world as the Newcastle firm of the same name.

Dog of the Day

The first dog of the day back in lockdown is Bertie the office manager, courtesy of Catherine Moss of Shakespeare Martineau.

Now that’s what I call Ray Berg’s Ibiza bangers II

Osborne Clarke managing partner Ray Berg has once again sent us a playlist to keep you mellow during lockdown. Listen below or on Apple music (and his first selection can be found here)

Friday’s quiz answers

Theme: Geography

  1. Wellington
  2. Headingley
  3. ♣♦♥♠
  4. Hillingdon
  5. Hispaniola
  6. Chatsworth
  7. Tanganyika
  8. Bangladesh
  9. Windermere
  10. Pocahontas

Hidden message: All the answers (except 3) have 10 letters – taking the nth letter of each answer spells “we♥lawyers”.

Friday’s vote

The people have spoken and by a margin of 55% to 45% the decision is to go for a 4pm Law Against Loneliness mailout. But we still need your contributions – if you marked the US elections in any way why not send us pics and videos of that?

Plus we need music reviews for The Lawyer Listens, dogs for Dog of the Day and quizzes to give our star quizmaster Angus at BDB Pitmans a rest. Anyone in the legal sector is welcome to contribute to any of the sections of Law Against Loneliness. Everything can be sent to