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It’s nearly the Bank Holiday, so how about an Easter-themed challenge?

“I ran a ‘celebrity eggs’ competition at what was Lawrence Graham one Easter,” writes Osborne Clarke PR manager Chris Bond.

The challenge: “paint an egg as a celebrity! HUGE success. It was really fun. Some were hilarious. My version of Kim-Jong Un wasn’t a winner: I think somebody did the whole of The Simpsons!”

So there you have it: paint an egg as a celeb over the weekend (or get your kids to do it) and send us the results to the usual place. As always, details of how to contribute to other sections of Law Against Loneliness are at the bottom of the page.

Video of the Day

Excellent work from Bryony Widdup, a partner at DLA Piper, who comes to us with a classic Les Misérables number for lawyers in lockdown, accompanied by her partner, speaker and The Lawyer columnist Luan de Burgh.

Quiz of the Day

Today’s quiz comes courtesy of Slaughter and May‘s head of private equity Jeff Twentyman and the theme is Odd One Out. Pick the one that doesn’t fit: answers tomorrow.

  1. Brown; Adams; Smith; Chisholm
  2. Madonna; Tom Jones; Shirley Bassey; Bruce Springsteen
  3. Neeson; Knightley; Nighy; Dench
  4. Nurse; Beluga; Carpet; Megamouth
  5. Buccellato; Tagliatelle; Bucatini; Mafalde
  6. Guatemala, Bolivia, Paraguay, Ecuador
  7. Emily, Rachel, Janice, Carol
  8. Hydrogen, Helium, Neon, Argon
  9. Fly agaric, Chanterelle, Morel, Psalliota Campestris
  10. Pepe Le Pew, Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Porky Pig

My isolation exercise

Thanks to Sarah Nicholls who is marketing and BD manager at Bedell Cristin in Guernsey for this video of Fermain Bay which she took on her three-mile cliff run on Monday, “though clearly I was delirious when I said the sun was about to come up, as at 07.15 it is definitely up!”

“Guernsey is in lockdown and has been for 14 days,” Sarah writes. “We are only allowed to go out if we need medication, food, exercise or to work as an essential worker.”

Dog of the Day

Teddy loved the first part of having everyone home for lockdown as he got to sleep in all day, have a bath and chill in his favourite shark towel,” writes paralegal and BPP LPC student Jasmin Bonello. “The last picture is what he looks like in the mornings now when we all wake him up getting our coffee before work!”

The Lawyer Listens

With the majority of the legal market working from home, The Lawyer is curating a playlist of songs to listen to while working from the living room or kitchen.

Fiona Sandford, general counsel at Jato, recommends Human Condition by Joan as Police Woman: “mellow yet joyful – perfect for a 3pm lift without the caffeine jitters.”

Yesterday’s quiz answers

Theme: Lockdown life

  1. Emma
  2. The Body Coach
  3. Frida Kahlo
  4. Netflix
  5. Thomas Cromwell
  6. Pink
  7. £3.70
  8. Fortnite
  9. Patrick Stewart
  10. Nicole Kidman
  11. James Corden
  12. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat
  13. Wales

Get involved

Anyone in the legal sector is welcome to contribute to any of the sections of Law Against Loneliness.

Here is how to contribute to a few of the regular features we have run so far.  Everything can be sent to

Video of the day

What we want are individual, personal contributions from lawyers and legal sector professionals working from home. You could be demonstrating a recipe, videoing your daily run, telling a joke, singing us a song, showing off a skill, or just telling us about yourday and what you’ve been up to. We are very open to creativity – anything that uplifts or diverts.

What we don’t want is too many firm-branded videos talking about how seamlessly you have transitioned to a new way of working, please.

The Lawyer Listens

Contributors should send us a YouTube link and 100 words about the song in the style of previous entries.

Dog of the day

Self-explanatory. Send us dog pix. Or cats, ponies, rabbits, budgies etc. Don’t forget to let us know their name and give us a line of detail too if you’d like.


Show us life in isolation, either via email, or alternatively Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn posts can be tagged #lawagainstloneliness

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