Lawyers Against LonelinessWe’ve stocked up on red wine, there’s 300 rolls of panic-bought toilet paper sitting in the cupboard under the stairs and we’re ready to go again! That’s right, back in June we made the ill-judged promise to resurrect this blog if we went back into full lockdown, so honour demands that we keep our word. Thanks a lot, Boris.

And once again we need your help! Send us your quirky pictures, videos, quizzes, recipes, dogs, cats, parrots, music recommendations and child’s art. If you’ve bought a lockdown puppy definitely introduce them to us. Show us what you’ve been up to during the summer. Come up with ideas for other features for this blog to keep it interesting. All submissions can go to the email address at the bottom of the page.

Poll of the day

Sticking with housekeeping, illustrious personages within The Lawyer have suggested 4pm rather than 3pm would be a better time for the Law Against Loneliness email to go out, since it starts to get dark around 4pm. But maybe 3pm is a better time for a little break? We’ll put it to you in a vote.

Image of the day

Imagine our surprise when strolling down the pier at Brighton to see this ringing endorsement of “Ivor the Tarot Consultant” from a barrister. Now, far be it from us to question the mystics’ profession but if anyone knows (possibly former) barrister B. Douglas, tell him to get in touch because we would like to profile his career.

More intriguingly as far as we are concerned is that to the right of the photo in the background you can see that Ivor claims to count Lovells among his corporate clients.

This is legacy Lovells, presumably, which raises the question: was the Hogan & Hartson merger itself written in the cards? Lovells’ then-senior partner John Young was a larger-than-life character to be sure: we can’t say this about many lawyers but we can imagine him sitting nervously in the gloom, the Major Arcana laid out before him, being told why the Nine of Pentacles signifies that 2010 is an auspicious year for a tie-up with a stranger from across the seas.

Or it could be that Lovells just booked a fortune-teller for a Christmas party. Either way, if you can cast light on this little mystery, let us know.

Tell us your side hustles

Let’s discover your hinterlands! Got an Etsy store? Make cakes or crafty things in your spare time? Send us a link to your amazing creations and we will publicise them in a future edition. (We’ll do it anonymously if you want, so those who are shy about their creations don’t have to out themselves).

Quiz of the day

Thanks to quiz-king and BDB Pitmans partner Angus Walker who returns to us with another set of brainteasers

You may spot that nine of the answers have something in common, which will help you find the hidden message.

  1. What is the capital of New Zealand?
  2. Which suburb of Leeds contains the Yorkshire Cricket Club’s ground?
  3. Please write the symbols of the playing card suits in alphabetical order
  4. In which London borough is Heathrow airport?
  5. What island is half Haiti and half Dominican Republic?
  6. Which house is the seat of the Duke of Devonshire?
  7. Tanzania was formed from the merger of Zanzibar and where?
  8. What is the only country that ends in H?
  9. Which is the largest natural lake in England?
  10. Who is buried in Gravesend and is the only human being to be the subject of a Disney animated film?

Answers next week.

The Lawyer Listens

Once Kings – Riz Ahmed

Following the release of ‘The Long Goodbye’ in March, Riz Ahmed released ‘Once Kings’ in November. The track draws on the same experiences that inspired his latest film, Mogul Mowgli – breaking down events which forced him to face reality.

The track grapples with the MC seeking to strike a balance with grappling with fame and being available for his family, dealing with success and staying connected with his culture.

It is a track that will echo feelings that many have had during the pandemic, which has given people the opportunity to re-think priorities.

I think a lot of people can relate to this feeling of re-thinking their priorities, during this pandemic.”

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