Lawyers Against Loneliness

Welcome to the third Law Against Loneliness, every afternoon at 3pm during lockdown. Keep on sending your contributions in – details of how to volunteer at the bottom of the page.



Video of the Day

Thanks to Penningtons Manches Cooper partner Tim Palmer for this important message.

Quiz of the Day

Today’s quiz comes courtesy of Blackstone Chambers – with the setter an alum of The Lawyer from way back when, Abi Townsend.

Theme: Name that monarch











Answers tomorrow.

Dog of the Day

New pupil: Help with a written Advice can come from unexpected sources, writes Neil Mendoza of Selborne Chambers.

New pupil: Help with a written Advice can come from unexpected sources.



Following his exertions with the Advice on the Coronavirus Bill, Spot (and you should be able to deduce why he is so named) takes a well-earned rest.

The Lawyer Listens

With the majority of the legal market working from home, The Lawyer is curating a playlist of songs to listen to while working from the living room or kitchen.

Supalonely by Benee featuring Gus Dapperton

I made this playlist during the first week of working from home, writes Clintons partner Tom Guida, and wanted a combination new tracks that wouldn’t necessarily interrupt my train of thought but couldn’t be entirely ignored either – and some older ones that just put me in a good mood.

The question is – how can a playlist made in March 2020 not include Supalonely? This incredibly catchy track somehow only entered the Mediabase Top 40 this week despite having been released in November, 2019 and spawning a massive dance trend on TikTok. As of now the song features in 7.9 million videos on the platform and hardly seems to be running out of steam.

The crazy thing is that Supalonely isn’t the only hit in Benee’s (born Stella Rose Bennet) short career (2 EPs, both released in 2019).  Her songs “Glitter,” “Find an Island” and “Soaked” together have over 105 million Spotify listens and are equally as good and definitely worth a listen.

Tom’s full WFH playlist is below. Got a track you want to recommend? Email us here with the YouTube link and a 100-word review.

Yesterday’s quiz answers

Theme: They Saw the Light

  1. Washington Irving
  2. John Cleese
  3. Gerard Butler
  4. Jerry Springer
  5. Henri Matisse
  6. Wassily Kandinsky
  7. Andrea Bocelli
  8. Julio Iglesias
  9. Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  10. Slaven Bilic

How to get involved

Anyone in the legal sector is welcome to contribute to any of the sections of Law Against Loneliness.

We want videos, photos, art, quizzes, music reviews, recipes, dogs – and clever ideas for new daily features we haven’t thought of. Creativity is welcome.

The Lawyer Listens: email us your recommendation with 100 words in the same style as today’s.

Video of the Day: Almost anything goes: tell us about what you’ve been working on today; sing us a song; tell us a joke; film your daily run; introduce us to your pet/children/parents; demonstrate a recipe; give an update on shipping law if that’s what you’d like. Be creative.

Contributions can be law or mental heath/wellbeing-related, but they don’t have to be: the main requirement is they should distract and uplift people as they take five minutes out of their day.

All contributions can be emailed to us here – thank you!

What we don’t want is lengthy text submissions, as there isn’t space to publish them in this article (although links to interesting articles published elsewhere are welcome). We also don’t want stuff that is too self- or firm-promotional, though we’re not averse to plugging the occasional good cause.