Lawyers Against LonelinessVideo of the Day

Ruchir Maharaj is a future trainee at DLA Piper, currently studying for the LPC at the University of Law Moorgate.

He has made a short video sharing his methods for making isolation a little bit easier.



Recipe of the Day

Today’s recipe comes from RPC managing partner James Miller.

Mince Curry

  • 400g mince (15% fat best, fat = flavour)
  • 1 large onion (red or white) – chopped quite finely
  • 200g Frozen peas – let them defrost of pour boiling water over them before use
  • 3 cloves of garlic – crushed (or 3 heaped teaspoons of garlic puree)
  • Curry Powder (if you want it hot use hot powder or mild use mild powder) – 2 good heaped tablespoons
  • Optional (sliced fresh Birdseye chilli or chilli flakes)

Add oil to a pan (you will need a pan with a lid).   Using medium heat fry the onions and garlic until onions become soft (about 5 minutes)  if the pan is not a non stick pan keep the onion mix moving to prevent burning.

Turn up heat and add mince, mixing with onion mix.  Sprinkle curry powder over meat and mix well.  (If adding extra fresh chilli or flakes add at this stage)  Add 5 tablespoons of water

Cook mince mixture until mince is all browned. Keep the mix moving to prevent burning. Add defrosted peas and mix. Turn heat down low and put lid on pan and on lowest heat cook for 30 mins stirring occasionally.

You can either eat it then with rice or naan bread or leave it.  It tastes better left for a while.  I cook this first thing in the morning for dinner that day and reheat when I am ready. If you can get hold of Tzatziki that goes well with this or a mango chutney.  It is meant to be a dry curry but you can add water if you like it a bit wetter.

Dog of the day

Here is Mayer Brown senior associate Annabel Ersser‘s cat Parker helping her work from home – given the blank screens Parker is clearly attuned to data protection considerations…

Bonus Dog of the Day

The Lawyer’s senior writer Katy Dowell demanded to be bumped up the dog list so here we are: “I would like to nominate my mum’s dog for Dog of the Day. I know he is my mum’s but we have adopted him and in the last few weeks it is the walks with this dog which has kept me sane.”

“Ned is spoilt and has two balls on the beach, one in his mouth and one which we throw and he chases. If he doesn’t like the ball he will drop it in the sea, just far enough out so you have to get your feet wet to get it back.”

The Lawyer Listens

This hour-long mix provided by Alistair Luckman of Hogarth Chambers explores underground sounds of Lo-Fi house from the 90s, whilst also throwing it back to the 70s with some disco. An hour of feel good music that will get you started for a days work, or even accompany you on your hour of government approved exercise.

Alistair writes: “While listening to this mix, I like to imagine that I am outside in a beer garden sipping a cold pint with mates. Roll on summer…”

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The Lawyer Listens

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