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We have a soft spot for Lincolnshire firm Wilkin Chapman so it’s nice to be able to share a video of them “using poetry and video to highlight the vital role of [their] region’s farmers, while raising awareness of a charity, the Lincolnshire Rural Support Network, that offers support to the area’s rural community.” One farmer a week in the UK commits suicide and suicide rates within the farming community may be exacerbated by current issues.

The poem is by Grimsby poet Carolyn Doyley, who was commissioned by Wilkin Chapman’s head of agriculture, Catherine Harris.

Quiz of the Day

Another puzzler from Angus Walker of BDB Pitmans: how many names contributing to the top 50 UK law firms (as reported in The Lawyer) can you find hidden in the following curious paragraph? (Hint: it doesn’t have to be a full law firm name; for example Bird, rather than Bird and Bird, might be hidden in there).

Once I publicly defended eight rowers with masterful brightness; they were even travelling from Notting Hill Gate – Leyton, quite a discovery given how far Leyton is. I wonder (in German or Glasgow lingo) if a female’s laughter overawes single men, even with their hair windswept like Heathcliff or Darcy. If ever she’d stop, this might produce surprising odd ardour with ersatz charm.  Should a hedgehog and sherbert lemons, scampi, perhaps with lamb, urge someone to barbecue, or at least char wood?  Not for the squeamish. Contemplating an extra version of this text via a hyperlink later. See you guys later!

ATTENTION! Quiz-setter Angus is hosting a quiz at 7pm on Sunday in aid of the Trussell Trust, who are supplying food parcels during lockdown. It’s general knowledge, but each round has a message hidden in the answers to find. Anyone interested should email with a team name to register.

Yesterday’s quiz answers

  1. Warren Harding
  2. Jimmy Carter
  3. Woodrow Wilson
  4. Ronald Reagan
  5. Richard the Lionheart
  6. Franklin D Roosevelt
  7. Florida
  8. Franklin D Roosevelt
  9. Andrew Jackson
  10. Earl

Dog of the Day

Gowling WLG BD executive Becky Coates writes: “My colleague Ralph is “all ears” (!) for your Business Development needs! Disclaimer – no bunnies (or laptop cables!) were harmed in the capturing of this photo.”

“I’m an in-house solicitor and think your daily law against loneliness post is great,” writes Aileen Houghton. “Here’s one of my dogs demonstrating how to look totally innocent after being caught stealing a sock.”

The Lawyer Listens

Shanks & Bigfoot – Sweet Like Chocolate

Another UK Garage track, this time from Shanks and Bigfoot. The apotheosis of UK garage as pop, Sweet Like Chocolate was a platinum-selling No 1 in 1999.

A noticeably more toothsome and commercial take on garage than its predecessor – Straight from the Heart, recorded when Shanks & Bigfoot were still called Doolally – it was apparently beloved of Britney Spears. -Amar Mehta

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