Lawyers Against LonelinessEggs of the day

Osborne Clarke employees put in the effort for the firm’s egg-painting challenge, about which we will do no puns at all.

Not content with merely being one of The Lawyer’s Hot 100 in 2019, OC’s champion egg-painter 2020 was Catherine Hammon with her Ada Lovelace. She won an extra day off work for this frankly brilliant effort.

The runner-up was James Taylor for his Joe Exotic, aka Tiger King. He won half a day off. Imagine telling that to a partner of the 1980s. Why were you not in the office this morning, Taylor? Won a half-day off sir. For what, pray? Drawing the face of a criminal zookeeper on an egg, sir. You’re fired, Taylor. Yes sir.

OC also sent through a number of superb further entries (including a third-place Elton John done by a partner’s daughter, which is borderline cheating in our book). However, there is a limit to the time we are willing to spend uploading pictures of eggs to The Lawyer’s CMS system, already creaking under the weight of dogs. So, Osborne Clarke, we exhort you: add these eggs to your Instagram page for the whole world to see.

Quiz of the Day

Theme: Holidays

One for everyone who misses going exploring – together with some ideas for places to visit once lockdowns around the world are over. Answers tomorrow.

  1. The Brazilian carnival usually occurs in which month of the year?
  2. Svalbard is an archipelago situated between which country and the North Pole?
  3. Which Parisian church was designated by Napoleon as a temple to the glory of its army?
  4. To which city in the United States will you have to travel should you wish to attend the 2028 Olympics? Clue: it was also the host city for the 1984 Olympics.
  5. This Spanish landmark has been in construction since 1882. What is its name?
  6. Maputo is the capital of which Southern African country?
  7. What native Australian animal can be described as a “small, cute, short-legged bear”?
  8. Which landmark was first built to hold gladiator fights?
  9. On the outskirts of which Egyptian city will you find The Valley of the Kings and The Valley of the Queens?
  10. Sake is a popular Japanese drink made of which fermented ingredient?
  11. Bonus question: Gustave Eiffel had a small room/apartment built at the top of his magnificent construction. Which famous inventor visited him there?

Video of the Day

Have you ever wanted to spend some time staring at the top of WFW managing partner Chris Lowe‘s head? Are you in luck!

Dog of the day

From Susan Haggard, head of real estate at Ince.

Bluebell before lockdown
Bluebell after lockdown

The Lawyer Listens

‘Move Me’ by Mura Masa ft. Octavian (Official Audio) 

South-east London Rapper Octavian is slowly shaping the sound of British rap and building an empire between the capital’s fractured music scene. In this song he has teamed up with Mura Masa to bring the vibey dancehall-peppy house song ‘Move me.’ Mura Masa had one of the best electronic albums in 2017, however this song moves away from that. It is more of a dark, percussive tune. It feels like a natural collaboration and ‘Move me,’ is a must listen.Amar Mehta

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What we want are individual, personal contributions from lawyers and legal sector professionals working from home. You could be demonstrating a recipe, videoing your daily run, telling a joke, singing us a song, showing off a skill, or just telling us about your day and what you’ve been up to. We are very open to creativity – anything that uplifts or diverts.

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