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Dog of the Day

“This is a photo of Kiwi, my English Cocker Spaniel,” says Mark Rowley of Baker Botts. “Kiwi is almost three years old, and loves collecting socks and long walks on Ashdown Forest!”

And Georgia Rowe of Shoosmiths writes: “This is a picture of my kitten, Mac, “helping” me to work from home.”

Quiz of the Day

We are not overly well-stocked on quizzes at the moment so this one comes from the only quiz book in our house, The Official Biggest Pub Quiz Book Ever 2, Revised 2009 Edition. The theme is Princes William and Harry. Don’t blame me, blame The Official Biggest Pub Quiz Book Ever 2, Revised 2009 Edition.

  1. In which subject did William get his highest A Level grade?
  2. When William gave his 18th-birthday interview, who or what was Widgeon?
  3. Which portrait painter was one of Harry’s godfathers?
  4. What is the meaning of Sentebale, the charity Harry set up in Lesotho?
  5. Which Archbishop of Canterbury christened both princes?
  6. In autumn 2005 William took a work placement with which bank?
  7. Whom did William succeed as President of the FA?
  8. On which day of the week was Prince Harry born?
  9. If William uses his first name on becoming king what would his title be?
  10. What is the name of the princes’ stepbrother?

Yesterday’s quiz answers

Theme: Fake news

  1. True
  4. True
  7. True

The Lawyer Listens

A sublime piece of jazz by three-fingered lightening Django Reinhardt. A song to accompany warm summer evenings under the stars, while a sultry zephyr blows in from the south. A mirage of magic carpet rides, snake-charmers, gold-toothed soothsayers and fleets of shimmering caravans appearing above the campfire, and your feet uncontrollably tap-tap-tapping. Watch out for the devilish sorcery wrangling its way into your hips.

Features in the 2000 movie “Chocolat”, as Johnny Depp and his troop of vagabonds wash up on the riverbank of a provincial French village and make merry mischief with chocolate shop owner Juliette Binoche, slowly enticing the church-going citizens to satisfy their lust for sweet things. –Gabriella Kane

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Video of the day

What we want are individual, personal contributions from lawyers and legal sector professionals working from home. You could be demonstrating a recipe, videoing your daily run, telling a joke, singing us a song, showing off a skill, or just telling us about your day and what you’ve been up to. We are very open to creativity – anything that uplifts or diverts.

What we don’t want is too many firm-branded videos talking about how seamlessly you have transitioned to a new way of working, please.

The Lawyer Listens

Contributors should send us a YouTube link and 100 words about the song in the style of previous entries.


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