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Dog of the Day

From DAC Beachcroft legal secretary Sue Bithell: “This is Tobie, a Siberian Eagle Owl who is 22 years old. We took her on about 20 years ago when her owner wasn’t able to put the time in for her well‑being. My husband is a falconer so we have had a fair few unusual residents in our back garden over the years but she is now our only one, except when our wire haired dachshund Mia decides it’s her garden.”

“This is Mac,” writes Keir Ashton, group general counsel at Louis Dreyfus Company. “He is reading important topical material. He also has opposable thumbs which I understand is unusual for canines.”

Quiz of the Day

“As most junior person in my team call, I’ve accepted it’s my fate to come up with a couple of quiz questions each day,” writes Osborne Clarke associate Emma Hands. And here they are.


Which of the following are real news stories and which are made up?

  1. A woman in Hong Kong was hospitalised with a severely inflamed throat after eating 1.5kg of raw garlic, thinking it would protect her from Covid-19.
  2. Victoria’s Secret have launched a PPE line to help reduce pressure on Californian hospitals
  3. A city in Russia has released lions from its zoo to ensure that people stay at home.
  4. A group of Hindus in India have been hosting cow urine drinking parties believing that this will protect them from Covid-19.
  5. Police in Wales have caused outcry by taking to Twitter to remind people that sheep shearing is not an essential activity.
  6. Scientists at an Australia university have published a paper suggesting that Yakult and similar probiotics reduces the severity of Covid-19 .
  7. In locked-down Panama, women allowed out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and men are allowed out on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

The Lawyer Listens

Just In Case by Jaheim

Throwing it back to the early 2000s, this old school garage just will have you dancing and reminiscing at the same time. Brought by American R&B singer Jaheim, this track was released at the peak of UK Garage, with the likes of So Solid Crew, Ms Dynamite, Mistique and DJ Luck all regularly getting into the charts.

‘Just In Case,’ is a recognisable song, using familiar garage beats mixed with Jaheim rhythmic vocals and loving lyrics. -Amar Mehta

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The Lawyer Listens

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