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Theme: Pub quiz

This is one of our own composition. The following are all pubs that appear in classic works of literature – name the novels they appear in. An extra point if you spot the odd one out from these 10. Answers tomorrow.

  1. The Alpha Inn, in Bloomsbury
  2. The Admiral Benbow, of Black Hill Cove
  3. The Condemn’d Man, in Howling
  4. The Dedlock Arms, by Chesney Wold
  5. The Drop of Dew, in Tatchester
  6. The Potwell Inn, in West Sussex
  7. The Prancing Pony, at Bree
  8. The Tabard, of Southwark
  9. The Three Broomsticks, of Hogsmeade
  10. The Why Not?, in Dorset

Video of the Day

A lovely example of musicians overcoming obstacles to create something great: Clifford Chance partner Gunnar Sachs and his jazz band, The Bourbon Street Stompers, have recorded the well-known Italian song Bella Ciao from their home offices.

Dog of the day

DAC Beachcroft chartered legal executive Alexandra Adey writes: “This is Reggie. He lives for the moment, and so he is a bit dubious about this “insurance” thing his human is involved with.”

The Lawyer Listens

65th & Ingleside’ by Chance the Rapper 

In the summer of 2018, Chance The Rapper surprised fans with four new singles, and on ’65th & Ingleside’, the rapper opens up about his fiancé, Kirsten Corley. Throughout the song, Chance describes the ups and downs of their long-term relationship. The other three songs are a little more experimental compared to traditional Chance, but this one is by far his best song. He raps about his journey from being ‘broke Chano,’ to going on tour, saying ‘Chano ain’t broke no more.’ This – and the other three songs – are must listen-tos. -Amar Mehta

Yesterday’s quiz answers

Theme: Drinks

  1. Brandy Alexander
  2. Blue agave
  3. Dwayne Johnson (Teremana)
  4. Botrytis cinerea or “noble rot”
  5. LMVH (Moet-Hennessy Louis Vuitton)
  6. B – $588,000
  7. Order of size: Magnum (1.5 litres), Jeroboam (4.5 litres), Salmanazar (9 litres), Nebuchadnezzar (15 litres), Melchior (18 litres).
  8. It uses both gin and vodka
  9. Cosmopolitan
  10. True

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