Lawyers Against LonelinessQuiz of the Day

Thanks once again to Abi Townsend and Blackstone Chambers.

Theme: A Year of Culture

  1. Which toy is (literally) rubbish in Toy Story 4?
  2. The Duffer Brothers created which sci-fi show featuring a group of children?
  3. Whose memoir is called For the Record?
  4. Which hit TV show featured a hot priest, a guinea pig-themed café and a nameless heroine?
  5. Which unfinished Jane Austen novel was adapted for television by Andrew Davies?
  6. Who is the award-winning author of Beloved who died in 2019?
  7. 15-year-old Alex Mann achieved overnight fame in the summer of 2019. How?
  8. Which film won the 2020 Oscar for Best Picture?
  9. Which couple won Love Island 2020?
  10. London currently has two designated Boroughs of Culture. Name them.

Video of the Day

Russell-Cooke senior associate Shabnam Ali-Khan moonlights as the firm’s yoga instructor; meanwhile, with a group called the Exiles she practises Fiore, an Italian Martial Art using sword, daggers and unarmed techniques. During lockdown she has been combining the two into swoga…

Dog of the day

Admittedly we are stretching things a bit now. This is Chris Johnson of HFW‘s sprog working from home.

For those feeling cheated, here’s a low-res picture of Ed Fitzgerald of RPC‘s dog eating his laptop.

The Lawyer Listens

With the majority of the legal market working from home, The Lawyer is curating a playlist of songs to listen to while working from the living room or kitchen.

Pass Me By, by Kwoli Black

Originally hailing from Hackney, Kwoli Black exists as more than another black rapper. A young man with big dreams and a big heart, Kwoli’s music reflects his reality and his truth. Dubbed “pretty music”, Pass me by was released last year and shows the young rappers talent.

The song smooth instrumentals produced by JSTRINGS instrumentals with smooth lyrics backed up by Jessica on vocals. The youngster has the world at his feat and if he keeps producing music like he is at the month, he will no doubt walk in the footsteps of the likes of Loyle Carner, Tyler the Creator and Kojey Radical – all of whom he idolises. –Amar Mehta

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Anyone in the legal sector is welcome to contribute to any of the sections of Law Against Loneliness.

Here is how to contribute to a few of the regular features we have run so far.  Everything can be sent to

Video of the day

What we want are individual, personal contributions from lawyers and legal sector professionals working from home. You could be demonstrating a recipe, videoing your daily run, telling a joke, singing us a song, showing off a skill, or just telling us about your day and what you’ve been up to. We are very open to creativity – anything that uplifts or diverts.

What we don’t want is too many firm-branded videos talking about how seamlessly you have transitioned to a new way of working, please.

The Lawyer Listens

Contributors should send us a YouTube link and 100 words about the song in the style of previous entries.

Dog of the day

Self-explanatory. Send us dog pix. Or cats, ponies, rabbits, budgies etc. Don’t forget to let us know their name and give us a line of detail too if you’d like.


Show us life in isolation, either via email, or alternatively Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn posts can be tagged #lawagainstloneliness

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