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Helen Libson of Peerpoint makes the excellent suggestion that with the run-up to Christmas and what will probably be some frantic online Christmas shopping it would be a good idea if people sent in their favourite independent shops for present ideas.

She kicks us off with Cocoa May: “I love sending Cocoa May brownies to friends – letterbox friendly and they taste bloody amazing.”

Send us your shop suggestions at the email address at the bottom of the page.

Image of the Day

We would have thought Porter Wright – recently revealed as Donald Trump’s go-to firm for challenging election results – would have had enough on its plate this week already to find the time to start following little old us on Instagram. But apparently not.

Dog of the Day

Gareth Quarry of SSQ writes: “It seems only appropriate that the chairman of one of the leading global legal search consultancies [all right, calm down Gareth] should own five retrievers and a Schnoodle!”

Here they are. Adorbs.

Podcast of the Day

Decoder Ring: The Mystery of the Mullet

The mullet, the love-to-hate-it hairstyle is as associated with the 1980s as Ronald Reagan, junk bonds and break dancing. But in at least one major way, we are suffering from a collective case of false memory syndrome. This episode of Decoder Ring, from Slate, tracks the rise and fall of the mullet, and also the lexical quandary at its heart: who named the mullet?

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