Image of the Day

It is 100 years today since the Unknown Soldier was laid to rest in Westminster Abbey. The photograph below was taken by a reader about a week before the second lockdown began.

Dog of the Day

Jane Davies Evans of 3VB sends us pictures of two noble beasts, Dreadnought and Invincible.

The Lawyer Listens

South – Che Lingo

Hailing from south London, rapper Che Lingo is growing in influence in the industry – not just as a brilliant rapper but also a social commentator. In October, he released his first studio album, The Worst Generation, a body of work that exemplifies Che as an artist who has aligned himself as a spokesperson for his generation. His poetry is reminiscent of Akala, while his passion echoes the likes of Stormzy and Kano. He has a unique sound and this album will become the sound of a generation.

The album opens with ‘South’, a fiery attention-grabbing track that wobbles and waves with Che Lingo riffing about growing up as a Black boy in South London. Soon after he released the music video for the track, filmed in South London. Che Lingo is more than just an artists and it is clear why he has grabbed the attention of the likes of Ghetts and Idris Elba. -Amar Mehta. NB – we need a few more music suggestions as Amar is supposed to be a litigation reporter. Send us your reviews.

Yesterday’s quiz answers

Theme: Hidden firm

  1. stroke
  2. me
  3. log
  4. age
  5. fob
  6. roses
  7. signature
  8. circle
  9. west
  10. wall

Hidden law firm: the odd answers can be preceded by ‘key’ to form phrases and the even answers can by preceded by ‘stone’.  Keystone won The Lawyer Law Firm of the Year last week.

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