Lawyers Against Loneliness

Springwatch with The Lawyer

Lyn Penfold of Rail Delivery Group returns with another video, this time of a robin, which with some patience, was persuaded to eat out of a hand.

Dogs of the Day

Kathryn Davies, an associate at Fladgate, shares a video of Bandit, an eight-month-old Labrador puppy.  “The story behind the video – I dropped a cherry tomato whilst preparing dinner. Being a greedy Labrador and living up to his name, Bandit nabbed and ran off with it, practically before it hit the floor, but had no idea what to actually do with it…”

From Alison Short, a legal PA at BCLP: “Here is Gizmo – our pet of the decade – not just the day.  He is a wonderful, friendly dog that likes to play and bark at pigeons and random zombie plastic bags… the very most scary thing in the world that he needs to save us from. He is sooo brave!!”

“I turned my back to answer a call,” writes RPC senior associate Siân Morgan, “and Florence (a basset hound aged 12) took the opportunity to steal my lunch from the kitchen worktop.  She managed to look suitably ashamed so I forgave her… eventually.”

Video of the Day

The London Legal Walk is a fixture of the calendar but sadly the 8 June date had to be postponed this year. Here, though, is Keating Chambers‘ training video for the Walk’s virtual replacement, 10,000 Steps for Justice.

Track of the Day

Black – Dave

Since releasing his debut studio album south London rapper Dave has built a reputation as one of the most gifted lyricist and rappers in the UK. Psychodrama catapulted Dave from an relatively unknown rap sensation to a platinum-selling artist but it was his single ‘Black’ which really drew attention.

The single is powerful, angry and celebratory at the same time. The song was meant to be an upbeat tune but instead Dave wrote it on the backdrop of darker instrumentals – a discusses life as a Black person, or for Dave his experience of being a Black person from south London.

The track was at the centre of attention a year after being released, when the rapper performed a powerful version at the Brit Awards earlier this year. The message in the song is stronger than ever and will really get you thinking. -Amar Mehta