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The Penny Dreadfuls present… More Brothers Faversham

The Penny Dreadfuls are now staples of Radio 4’s comedy offering. More Brothers Faversham represents some of their earlier work for BBC Radio 7, when their output still revolved mainly around spoofing the Victorian era. It tells the story of 19th Century England’s most notorious family: episode six, below, charts the life of Victorian Britain’s greatest horror writer, Maximilian Faversham.

World Cup of Chambers

Congratulations to Pump Court, victors in the World Cup of Chambers! Celebrity endorsements from footballers Matthew Le Tissier and Jimmy Bullard probably made the difference rather that the late-on one from this fine figure below, but we liked it a lot!

Thank you to all the chambers who took part in the contest with such good spirit – we had a lot of fun seeing all the creative ways you participated!

Ed Whittington, the managing partner of newly-merged Moore Barlow has made an unusual choice of lockdown workplace.

Dog of the Day

We understand Zoey Wickens of Apogee Corporation qualifies as a solicitor today! Very many congratulations: given the occasion we will forgive the fact that this is not your dog but that of your parents-in-law.

“Tiffin is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the pictures were sent to us during lockdown in order to brighten up a long day of meetings,” she writes. “This may be cheating a bit as she isn’t ours but I’m afraid my husband and I are unable to have a dog currently due to living in a flat and our long hours – but we hope to get one one day.”

“This is Zach, who is slowly coming to terms with the fact that his space has been invaded by his domestic help since the lockdown begun,” writes George Murray, a lawyer at the Attorney General’s Office.

Your best law anecdote

A reminder: we want to hear your best/funniest/most embarrassing stories from your career in law. Trainee blunders, bizarre partners, weird client demands, surreal nights out – whatever you like.

We’d love it if you sent them as videos, but if that’s not your thing or you prefer to be anonymous, write it in your wittiest prose instead, and send it to the usual place.

Quiz of the Day

As promised last week, the law firm partner name quiz, female version.

The Lawyer Listens

Mother May I Sleep With Danger is one of the five tracks from Joy Crookes’ first EP Influence. The South Londoner’s voice is captivating in telling a modern coming-of-age story. The soul-like song, and Crookes, became popular through Youtube’s show COLORS, on which up and coming artists feature their sound. Since then, she has released two other EPs and has headlined Glastonbury. One to keep an eye out for.

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What we want are individual, personal contributions from lawyers and legal sector professionals working from home. You could be demonstrating a recipe, videoing your daily run, telling a joke, singing us a song, showing off a skill, or just telling us about your day and what you’ve been up to. We are very open to creativity – anything that uplifts or diverts.

What we don’t want is too many firm-branded videos talking about how seamlessly you have transitioned to a new way of working, please.

The Lawyer Listens

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Dog of the day

Self-explanatory. Send us dog pix. Or cats, ponies, rabbits, budgies etc. Don’t forget to let us know their name and give us a line of detail too if you’d like.


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