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Shameless plug for our coronavirus/WFH survey – take a few minutes to fill it in if you haven’t already done so.

Competition time

We have teamed up with the London Young Lawyers Group to run a competition. With PRIZES.

The question: What are the most important skills for lawyers of the future?

The prizes: Publication of the winning entry in The Lawyer and a copy of the newly-published Junior Lawyer’s Handbook by Eloise Skinner.  

How to enter: Head here for full details plus T&Cs.

Quiz of the Day

Theme: power ballads

The Secret Barrister has been playing power ballads through this period of isolation. Below are 10 classics of the genre and their recording artist(s), identified only by initials. (e.g. DSB by J  = Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey). Can you identify them?

  1. IDAFL (BIWDT) by ML
  2. MTAF by B
  3. LOAP by BJ
  4. (I J) DIYAT by CC
  5. TEOTH by BT
  6. IMHBL by R
  7. CFTF by REOS
  8. IACBTMN by CD
  9. A by T
  10. NGSUN by (J)S

Answers tomorrow.

World Cup of Law Firms

Round Two is now up and running on Twitter.

Artist of the Day

Spooky 1pm ghost stories

Law isn’t the only profession adapting to change. Artists and freelancers are struggling to cope so if you know of online gigs where lawyers can show their support for performers, share them with us. We love Will Seaward’s anarchic ghost stories and there’s a tip jar in the link (it’s quite long though, you might have to wait until the work day is done).

Posted by Quarantine Gigs on Monday, 30 March 2020

The Lawyer Listens

With the majority of the legal market working from home, The Lawyer is curating a playlist of songs to listen to while working from the living room or kitchen.

Vishu <3 by Peter Cat Recording Co

New Delhi-based band Peter Cat Recording Co released their joyous album, ‘Bismillah,’ last year and for those unfamiliar with the group you can find joy within the fuzzy guitars and gorgeous trumpets.

The album and in particular ‘Vishnu <3’ is an up-tempo, cheerful big band sound. The exuberance of PCRC’s sound balances the lyrical content so well. Layered beneath the bebop, the old-time feel of the music gives off a feeling of nostalgia in these apocalyptic times. –Amar Mehta

Got a track you want to recommend? Email us here.

Yesterday’s quiz answers: Name that monarch

  1. King Henry VIII
  2. Æthelred the Unready
  3. Queen Victoria
  4. Tsar Nicholas II of Russia
  5. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark
  6. King Charles I
  7. King George III
  8. King Stephen
  9. King Richard III
  10. Queen Mary I

How to get involved

Anyone in the legal sector is welcome to contribute to any of the sections of Law Against Loneliness.

We want videos, photos, art, quizzes, music, recipes, dogs – and clever ideas for new daily features we haven’t thought of. Creativity is welcome.

Contributions can be law or mental heath/wellbeing-related, but they don’t have to be: the main requirement is they should distract and uplift people as they take five minutes out of their day.

All contributions can be emailed to us here – thank you! (On social media, use the hashtag #lawagainstloneliness and we’ll find it too.)

What we don’t want is lengthy text submissions, as there isn’t space to publish them in this article (although links to interesting articles published elsewhere are welcome). We also don’t want stuff that is too self- or firm-promotional, though we’re not averse to plugging the occasional good cause.