Latin lawyers

Inspired by Graham Norton's 'Dancing Dads' competition, Tulkinghorn thinks it's high time we saw some Dancing Lawyers in action.

Any likeminded folk with rhythm in their souls should head to Baden-Powell House, South Kensington, on 8 March, from 7pm to 12.30am. There you can prance away in a stylish modern partner dance known as Ceroc, inspired by Tulkinghorn's faves – jive and salsa.

Louise Norman, who works in-house at the Society of London Theatre, is the dancing lawyer behind the event, which aims to raise money for brain tumour research. Proceeds will go to the SDRT Angela Robinson Memorial Fund.

Norman has assured Tulkinghorn that Ceroc is easy to pick up with no complicated footwork. Beginners will also be looked after with a lesson. And if your feet get in a tangle, there's always the hot buffet or bar. Sounds perfect for Mrs Tulkinghorn.

Get your tickets for £30 from Louise on 07855 869266 or £35 on the door. No need to bring a partner, as Tulkinghorn is open to offers, but smooth-soled shoes would help.