Last man standing

Dealing with lawyers can be so disappointing sometimes, as experienced by Christopher Digby-Bell at Palmer Capital Partners. Recently a firm (which shall remain nameless to spare its blushes) came in to pitch. Expecting at most two of them, he was astonished when half a dozen trooped in. There then followed a tedious hour or so when each of the grey men read from a dull script that Digby-Bell could have written himself, such was the level of information. But a ray of sunshine broke through the clouds when the last man began to speak. Suddenly the meeting was transformed – this one was interesting, witty, informed… and Digby-Bell concluded that he wanted this man on board.
With the follow-up call, Digby-Bell said that he would like the last man on the team to work with him. An awkward silence followed, then the voice explained that the last man could not join the legal team as he was the marketing manager.