Landmark appoints new head

Christopher Katkowski QC has become the second head of Landmark Chambers, four years after the merger that formed the specialist planning and environmental set.

Katkowski succeeds Patrick Clarkson QC and will lead Landmark’s development for the next three years. In 2002, Katkowski helped drive through the merger between 4 Breams Buildings and Eldon Chambers, which created Landmark.

Katkowski said: “My general ambition is to make us greater than the sum of our parts.”

He said the set would continue to focus on its core areas of planning and environmental law, while also expanding its property and public law expertise.

“We hoped that, by creating Landmark, we’d be able to position ourselves as one of the best planning chambers, but we really have been phenomenally successful. We’ve grown even more than we thought we would,” Katowski said.

This year Landmark announced income growth of 4 per cent, with a 10 per cent revenue per barrister increase. The set lost six tenants to rival sets and retirement, but boosted its public law ranks with 2 Field Court’s Ashley Underwood QC and Samantha Broadfoot.