Landing with a bump

While there you found yourself (and some other people along the way) but now it’s back to the UK and time to find a job.

Well guess what? There aren’t any. And the ones that do exist are being fought over by every post-grad and his dog, including the people at your university who said they always dreamed of running a law firm.

Law firms know that demand is high and places low so they’ve created fiendish tests of Krypton Factor-style proportions to pick the best of the best.

Like in Top Gun.

Only in Top Gun, Maverick was the hero, and he lived up to his name by achieving success through unusual methods – by thinking differently from the herd.

Well, forget it. This isn’t the US Air Force, this is document review, so get your feet back on the ground and get a job.

Your body’s writing cheques your parents can’t cash and the world doesn’t owe you a career.

Welcome back.


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