Lambs to the Slaughters?

Unconfirmed reports of porcine aviators over Finsbury Square this morning remain, sadly, unconfirmed.

But an even more unlikely event has taken place a matter of yards down the road.

For it is there that Slaughter and May, that bastion of old-school firms, has set up its very own outsourcing panel (see story).

With LPO until now seen as the sole preserve of the parvenus of the legal world, the news means that it is now firmly entrenched in the mainstream. And for the three companies on the panel, including CPA Global and Exigent, it might even mean a slice of that rather tasty Slaughters pie.

But is there a chance that the three providers could be falling into that trap all too familiar to law firms who spend their lives gazing up at the ambrosia-filled Valhalla that is the Slaughters canteen. Namely, spending a wedge pitching for a place on a panel that will yield precisely no work.

As one source says in today’s story, Slaughters in fact has “absolutely no appetite for it”. The outsourcers will be hoping that the naysayer is about to eat his or her words.