Lacking a punch

Last Wednesday (8 August), in a gym in Salford, a group of lawyers and law firm staff gathered to honour the Marquis of Queensbury. More accurately, the group had turned up for its first training session for a charity bout of white-collar boxing, scheduled for 2 November in Bolton’s Reebok Stadium.

The brains and driving force behind this potentially blood-soaked evening is Lewis Hymanson Small partner Ian Lewis, a 47-year-old lawyer who took up boxing earlier this year and who had his first fight in March.

“I’d never thrown a punch in 47 years, except when my brother used to pick on me,” said Lewis. “But the attraction of boxing is it gets you fit in a competitive way. You can’t put your hands down when you’re tired like you do in the gym because you’ll get hit. You’ve got to carry on – there are consequences if you don’t.”

It all sounds far too brutish for Tulkinghorn, but Lewis is adamant that the group of 14 he’s gathered together, which includes lawyers from Pannone, Freeth Cartwright and Trafford-based Fentons, are in line to earn some serious respect from both the expected 1,000-strong crowd and the opponents with whom they climb into the ring.

And it’s all in aid of a very worthy cause, children’s charity Destination Florida, which takes terminally ill children on holiday.

Lewis is looking for more potential chumps… sorry, champs. To take up his challenge, contact him on 0161 827 1800, or email