Lack of legal head prompts Liverpool Council legal review

Liverpool City Council is embarking on a major strategic review of its legal services provision after failing to hire a new city solicitor.

Graeme Creer quit for Weightmans a year ago and the council has failed to find a replacement, sparking a major rethink of internal and external resources.

Liverpool executive director of finance and legal services Phil Halsall said: “We have a traditional legal services department that’s been structured the way it has been for God knows how many years, and we thought that before we fill the [city solicitor] position we should take the opportunity to look at how we operate.”

The council is considering either carrying on as it is, hiring more firms, sharing the panels of neighbouring Sefton, West Lancashire or Wirrel, or creating its first-ever panel.

The legal services team will report to council members in June, who could make a decision as early as September.

Acting city solicitor Mike Kenworthy will continue until a successor is confirmed.