Why flexible working in the “new normal” will be good for business

We’ve had a fair bit to say about flexible work here at Weekly10. Our points usually focus on why it’s so popular, and what benefits it has for employee wellbeing and engagement. But this time, we’d like to focus on the flexible working benefits for business, particularly pertinent perhaps going forward in 2020 and beyond.

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Supporting your managers in the post-Covid return to work

Despite the Government returning to a policy of ‘work from home if you can’, many businesses, shops, factories, classrooms etc are bringing their employees back into the workplace. There are a lot of issues, precautions and caveats to consider, especially for customer-facing businesses.

Working ethically: The importance of transparency and workplace whistleblowing

When we hear talk of whistle-blowers, we tend to think of high-profile examples like Edward Snowden holed up in Russia or former U.S. Army soldier Chelsea Manning. But for the most part, workplace whistleblowing doesn’t involve grand government conspiracies or James Bond-esque plotlines but generally more mundane forms of fraud and other abuses of power.

The best app integrations for Microsoft Teams to supercharge collaboration & performance

We’re several months into the “new normal” now, and it’s looking like remote work is here to stay regardless of what happens. With the huge increase in the amount of remote work going on around the globe, Microsoft Teams has seen an equally meteoric rise, climbing to over 100 million daily users over the past 5 months.

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FCA test case ruling – welcome news for businesses

The High Court has handed down the long-awaited judgment in the coronavirus business interruption insurance test case brought by the FCA. Whilst the judgment may be appealed by the insurers, it is a very positive outcome for most businesses.

Can SECR fill the void where ESOS failed?

Whilst Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR) could be seen at first glance as a watered down ESOS without the site audits, it has the ability to deliver a wide range of energy efficiency and carbon reduction measures for organisations for years to come in a way that ESOS alone will never achieve.


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