Video: Valid or invalid: The debate over defective administration appointments continues

Our speakers consider the decisions in JCAM Commercial Real Estate Property XV Ltd v Davis Haulage Ltd [2018] EWCA Civ 276, Re Tokenhouse VB Ltd [2020] EWHC 3171 (Ch) and Re Seabrook Road Ltd [2021] EWHC 436 (Ch). They will continue the debate around the effectiveness of defective administration appointments, expressing their own views as to the correctness – or otherwise – of those decisions.

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Video: Clitheroe v Bond – case law update with Kate Selway QC and Edward Hicks

In this case law update video, Kate Selway QC is in conversation with Edward Hicks, who acted as junior counsel for the successful respondent before Mrs Justice Falk in Clitheroe v Bond [2021] EWHC 1102 (Ch), on appeal from the decision of Deputy Master Linwood at trial pronouncing against two wills of the deceased for want of testamentary capacity ([2020] EWHC 1185 (Ch)). The appeal considered, among other things, whether the test for capacity in Banks v Goodfellow had been replaced by the test for capacity in the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

Video: Clitheroe v Bond webinar

Tom Dumont QC and Ed Hicks of Radcliffe Chambers together with Amanda Smallcombe of Birkett Long, discuss the judgment of Mrs Justice Falk in Clitheroe v Bond [2021] EWHC 1102 (Ch), in which they represented the successful respondent.

Re Regis UK Limited [2021] EWHC 1294 (Ch)

Landlords fail in their attempt to force Nominees to return their fees and in their bid to establish a meaningful precedent in their ongoing fight against CVAs

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Annual product liability primer (webinar)

Our presentation covers many topics, including the definition of a product defect vs a safety defect, the parties that may be liable for a product defect, limitation of liability clauses, Québec specification, product recalls and practical tips and considerations, as well as best practices, for you and your team.

Do you need to make a late application for settled status?

The deadline for applying to the European Settlement Scheme to obtain pre-settled or settled status passed on 30 June 2021. However, the Home Office has made it clear that there is flexibility and late applications will be considered. This provision may not last forever and anyone who has missed the deadline should take action immediately to apply.

The role of hydrogen in Canada (webinar)

Curious about the role of hydrogen in Canada’s future? Join us for an informative online session focusing on key opportunities and challenges on the horizon. Gowling WLG’s Myron Dzulynsky will be joined by three industry professionals to discuss a number of issues and answer questions regarding this emerging market. The panel dives into federal and provincial policies, discuss how governments at all levels can help make the hydrogen industry a success, as well as what we can learn from other jurisdictions in terms of leadership in the industry.


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