Uber v Aslam: a win for workers

On 19 February 2021, the Supreme Court ruled in favour of workers in the Uber v Aslam case, marking the end of Uber’s landmark employment battle. The decision means that Uber drivers must now be treated as workers rather than as self-employed, entitling them to the employment rights that come alongside that.

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Spanish legal regulations on Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign direct investment (FDI) (Inversión Extranjera Directa) involves the transfer of capital by economic entities from one country to another country, with the intention of establishing businesses or subsidiaries there, as well as acquiring or obtaining a relevant shareholding in foreign companies.

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IR35 rules now extended to private sector businesses

The IR35 rules were extended to cover all medium and large organisations in the private sector. Under the reforms these businesses are now responsible for determining whether their contractors fall inside or outside the scope of IR35, rather than the workers themselves.


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