International Women’s Day – Experience in Law and Insurance

In Travelers’s latest podcast, Sharon Glynn, Senior Development Underwriter, is joined by Judy O’Neill, Vice President, Claim at Travelers Europe and Georgia Dawson, Senior Partner at Freshfields. Together they discuss their varied and rich experience of being female senior leaders in celebration of International Women’s Day.

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Senior Development Underwriter, Sharon Glynn, hosts Senior Risk Management Consultant, Paul Smith, and they discuss pertinent risk management trends and forecasts within the sector in this podcast.

Legal innovation after Covid

The legal industry doesn’t stand out for embracing ground-breaking change. Indeed, when compared to other professional services organisations, law firms have historically been more riskaverse and less eager to adopt technology and other innovations that change how legal work is conducted.

Law firms can take the lead on green initiatives

Why do we need to be worried about climate change? Already the environment has changed, in some instances apparently irrevocably.  Individually, consumers are taking action to address their personal impact.  In 2019, the focus was on governments to drive and shape sustainability agendas; now the focus is on businesses, and law firms are not immune.  […]

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‘Tax Day’ – government continues its campaign to tackle non-compliance

In the UK’s first ever ‘Tax Day’ on 23 March 2021, the government released more than 30 consultation documents relating to the future landscape of the UK tax regime. Whilst these documents scrutinised how taxes should be paid, opportunities for simplification and the potential of digitalisation, it was tackling non-compliance which was firmly in the spotlight once again. Tax & estate planning Partner, James Austen, gives his opinion on the proposed measures.

Fraud in the sub line market – should we be concerned?

In recent weeks, news of the JES Global Capital fraud committed by fund manager Elliot Smerling has come to light. Unfortunately, we live in world where fraud, much like death and taxes, is inevitable.


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