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Health and safety protection extended to workers from 31 May

A case was brought against the government by the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain, which was heard by the High Court, in October 2020. As a result, new government regulations have been put before Parliament extending the health and safety detriment protection rights to workers.

What are the true costs of redundancy?

Aa a result of government financial support gradually starting to wind down, including the furlough scheme, many employers will be beginning to feel concerned about the future impacts of COVID-19. For some, restructuring workforces and streamlining teams may be required, and in the worst cases, making roles redundant will be one option to save money in the longer term.

Are employees with long Covid entitled to compensation?

With MPs increasing the pressure on ministers to recognise long COVID as an occupational disease, claims for compensation could become more common in the near future. So, what do employers need to know and how should they face these claims?

What will school summer holidays look like in 2021?

After 12 months of disrupted schooling, questions are arising around how children will catch up on missed learning. One solution, recently proposed by the education secretary Gavin Williamson, involves major changes to the structure of the school year.

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Irish regulation in focus: Culture and individual accountability

Increasingly, there is a focus on culture and individual accountability in regulated firms. This has been heightened by various consumer protection issues which have been investigated including the tracker mortgage examination; high profile enforcement actions and the recent engagement with insurers on business interruption cover during COVID-19. Consistently, the Central Bank of Ireland (“Central Bank”) […]


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