The collaborative environment of Storybuilder

The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened a not-so-new issue that has plagued the legal industry for years — a lack of tools for collaboration and remote work.

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The future of ediscovery is in the cloud

Relativity’s announcement to no longer sell the on-premises version of their technology is more validation of what we at Everlaw have been saying for years: the future of ediscovery lives in the cloud.

McMaster v Kohl’s Department Stores and the importance of terms

At first glance, McMaster v Kohl’s Department Stores may seem like a case concerned with the Americans with Disabilities Act. But a closer look at the discovery process in the case reveals much more and serves as a reminder of the importance of search terms when combing through electronically stored information (ESI). The case has several implications on discovery that are worth noting and will inform the future of ESI and ediscovery in case law and how clients and firms alike should address it.

Ediscovery: Introducing Clustering

Until now, discovery in ediscovery has meant search. Often with no obvious place to start, legal teams search for critical information in ever-growing document troves. The most daunting part can be just knowing where to begin, leaving reviewers to rely on instinct, craft complex searches, and sometimes even use machine learning tools to find pattern trails to follow.

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Food & Drink update – March 2021

Contents Restricting the promotion of HFSS products Can setting up in Ireland help unblock Brexit-linked disruption to trade? Could carbon labelling become mandatory? Has the incidence of food fraud increased during the pandemic? ASA ruling on McDonald’s advert featuring HFSS products Will the new immigration policy cause problems in the food supply chain? Nutrition Label […]

Women, business and the law 2021

Amidst a global pandemic that threatens progress toward gender equality, Women, Business and the Law 2021 identifies barriers to women’s economic participation and encourages reform of discriminatory laws. This year, the study also includes important findings on government responses to the COVID-19 crisis and pilot research related to childcare and women’s access to justice.

Was the Budget green enough?

Was this Budget green tinted rather than green focused? The mix of fuel duty freezes with what some commentators consider diluted green infrastructure investment doesn’t quite square up to the green rhetoric.

Budget 2021: Making sense of the UK infrastructure bank

With the publication of the ‘Policy Design’ for the UK Infrastructure Bank (“UKIB”), the UK Government has put “flesh on the bones” of its commitment to establish a national infrastructure bank. We look at some of the key issues for UKIB, and what its role might be in delivering government pledges to “level-up” the UK, reach Net Zero carbon by 2050 and meet the challenges of Brexit and COVID-19 recovery.


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