By Keith Plowman

Ten Old Square was previously operating in an environment that was paper-heavy and frequently have trolley-loads of documentation. Data was also held independently by barristers on their hard drives. Data was encrypted but kept in silos, so there was no single system that barristers could use to access new instructions, input their written work or communicate with clients or the courts.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was the driver that encouraged the firm to make the move to the Cloud. The Independent Commissioner’s Office (ICO) had made it clear that holding data on paper came with a number of risks, such as documents being lost or failing to be secured, and this was going to be a key focus for them. Under the GDPR, no set of chambers or any barrister can ignore the need to work in a secure manner, protecting documents and data. Ten Old Square needed to address this challenge, but were also keen to take advantage of the many benefits a digital environment can offer.