By Simon Marks, Alex Ohlsson, Matthew Ecobichon, Ashley Morrison, Bryony Bird

Jersey company basics
• Governed by Companies (Jersey) Law 1991 (“CJL”)
• Full capacity without long form memorandum
• Company can have:
a. par value shares
b. no par value shares
c. shares denominated in any currency
d. guarantor members
e. unlimited members
• Flexible capital maintenance rules govern return of capital /
redemption of shares / repurchase of shares
• Will be public company if more than 30 shareholders, if it
circulates prospectus to the public or if it is a ‘market traded
• CJL provides for migration of Jersey companies to other
jurisdictions and vice versa
• No minimum capital requirement
• Company must have:
a. a registered office in Jersey
b. a company secretary (who can be corporate and need not be
Jersey resident)