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Webinar: Digitizing your legal services – how law firms are adapting in today’s world

In the current operating environment legal teams are faced with an unprecedented challenge in reaching clients and maintaining high-value advice and service delivery. Law firms & corporate legal departments are having to rethink their traditional service delivery models and look to technology to serve their clients online, 24/7. In this webinar, Neota Logic will be […]

On-demand webinar: Action your design thinking

We all know the theory of agile project development. Break the project down into manageable chunks. Get a working prototype out quickly. Make continuous improvements based on how the users react rather than what committees write on Post-it notes. But in the legal world, putting agile into practice is not always easy.

The language of legal tech

This article is for the legal profession (actual or aspiring). It’s a quick run-down of some of the key tech terms used in the context of legal technology aimed to help you avoid being the one who drops ‘the Facebook’ or ‘the Google’ into conversation (note saying ‘the blockchain’ is permissible).

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