By Anshul Prakash, Abhimanyu Pal, Kruthi N Murthy

The Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 (PC Act) was enacted to prevent corruption in Government departments and to prosecute and punish public servants involved in corrupt practices. As the PC Act saw limited success an amendment was enacted (Amendment Act) and brought into force on 26 July 2018. The Amendment Act attempted to bring the PC Act in line with United Nations Convention against Corruption 2005, which was ratified by India in 2011.

Section 9 of the PC Act has been substituted by the Amendment Act to provide for a specific provision for offences committed by commercial organisations and persons associated with it. It provides that if a commercial organisation commits any of the offences listed out in the PC Act with the intention to obtain or retain business or obtain or retain an advantage in the conduct of its business, then such commercial organisation shall be punishable with fine, quantum of which is not prescribed in the Amendment Act.