By Jacqueline Knox

Insight gathered from Gowling WLG has revealed that ongoing planning and funding issues are affecting the ability of councils and housing associations to meet the demand for affordable housing. According to the research, nine out of 10 (92 per cent) of housing associations consider themselves ‘under pressure’ to cut costs in line with Government funding decreases and austerity targets, whilst almost all (96 per cent) of those surveyed are to tighten expenditure in the next year, with eight out of 10 (82 per cent) set to lessen staffing and three quarters (74 per cent) to reduce maintenance spending.

In addition, eight out of 10 (84 per cent) stated that additional welfare cuts from the Government will further impact their organisation. The Government’s recent Social Housing Green Paper ‘A New Deal for Social Housing’ focusses on the management of social housing rather than the supply, with no apparent public funding solution in sight.