Performance reviews for remote workers: Getting it right and improving productivity

The finer points of employee appraisal become more difficult to manage when you can’t just sit down for a chat with someone. Managers need to have a clear framework for providing these appraisals, so we’ll be going over some suggestions and tools for conducting effective performance reviews for remote workers.

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How a weekly check-in can help to reduce staff turnover

Business leaders and managers everywhere have been adapting to the ‘work from home’ change forced upon us all in 2020. With that in mind, we’d like to talk about implementing weekly check-ins as an effective employee engagement strategy, so can help you hold onto your top talent no matter where they are and reduce staff turnover. For good.

How do you build trust in remote teams?

How do you build trust in remote teams? 10 key elements for a better remote work culture

In March 2020, the world was forced into a large-scale remote work exercise with the global spread of COVID-19. Where possible, businesses moved to remote work practices with no time to stop and worry about their fears (misplaced or not) around ‘trust’. So, if you’re sat reading this as a manager of staff who are now working remotely and wondering ‘what can I do to build trust across the team’, read on for a few key points.

Wellbeing in remote teams: A manager’s duty of care

One of the most important facets of being a great manager is the duty of care you have to your employees. The term “workplace wellbeing” is a common one, but slightly misleading. A manager’s duty of care extends to all employees, including remote workers, with the workplace in question not being confined to a single […]

Beware the remote work cabin fever – What is cabin fever and how to stave it off

While self-isolation in the face of Covid-19 is certainly necessary, that doesn’t make it easy. You start to lose track of how many days have gone by, the places you used to go become hard to remember, and you could swear your laundry basket was talking to you a moment ago. Cabin fever can take its toll on anyone, not just lonely woodsmen up in the Rockies. So today, we’re looking at the current risks of cabin fever when working remotely in the age of Coronavirus (and beyond).

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