By Martin Schoonewille, Frank Leijdesdorff, Leon Engelen

The hospital Bernhoven in Uden and Oss gives employees the opportunity to buy bonds and thereby indirectly become ‘co-owners’ of the hospital. From 2019 local residents can also obtain bonds. The hospital hopes to increase the involvement of staff and patients, according to the press release.

The hospital has a bank loan outstanding of EUR 100 million. When the bond issue is successful, an amount of up to EUR 20 million will be repaid directly from this bank loan. The bond is a long-term loan to the hospital on which an annual interest of 4% is paid. Anticipating the bill concerning profit distribution in healthcare, the hospital opted for convertible bonds. These can be converted (converted) into shares in the capital of the hospital, which becomes attractive if dividend (profit) can be paid out. If the bill does not go ahead within 10 years, it is intended that the loan will be repaid and the participants will receive the deposit on the bond.