By Piers Warne

The rise of home delivery and risks to premises licence holders

Home delivery is nothing new in itself. However, the rise in third party delivery services based around apps and the increased deliveries of alcohol, both with and without food orders, are the cause of increasing concern for licensing officers. Licensing authorities are slowly waking up to the implications of home deliveries of alcohol outside of the traditional delivery of cases of wine from specialist shops. In particular, they are turning their minds to where responsibility lies for the offence of selling alcohol to under 18’s and how they are going to protect against under age sales via deliveries.

What we are looking at here applies whether you employ your own delivery drivers or engage a third party such as Deliveroo. In the case of ‘dark kitchens’, where different restaurant’s menus are cooked under one roof by the delivery company themselves, the rules apply as if they are a single restaurant (and are licensed to sell alcohol) and have employed their own drivers. Finally, the rules apply as much to home delivery of groceries with a bottle of wine or beer, as it does take-away meals with an alcoholic drinks side-order.