Over the years, Montenegro invested significant efforts in the development of the tourism industry, and one could say that it is steadily becoming a go-to destination for those seeking an ultimate luxury Riviera lifestyle. The recent steps taken by Montenegrin legislators show that international trends are well received and recognized by local authorities, this time through the implementation of a new hospitality model – the mixed-use hotel. The mixed-use hotel incorporates hotel and residential features, making it the perfect combination of the two accommodation concepts that have been traditionally present in Montenegro for quite some time.

In 2018, Montenegro created the legal framework for mixed-use hotels by adopting the new Law on Tourism and Hospitality. This law states that a mixed business model may be performed in a hotel with a minimum of fivestars and with a minimum of 120 accommodation units in the coastal region or on the territory of Podgorica, or a minimum of four stars with a minimum of 60 accommodation units in the central and northern region, except for Podgorica, operating for 12 months at least.