Did the expression “UK Legal Tech Landscape” once make you excited and now make you groan? Increasingly you are not alone.

Overblown promises and a lack of clear solution-based thinking has driven confusion and disillusionment with legal technology. This is due, in part, to the fast pace of change in the legal industry and the rapid growth of the technology market. For many, it can be hard to ascertain which types of technology would deliver positive value to their in-house teams, let alone chose a provider. Indeed, in-house counsels today have a wider range of technologies to choose from than ever before; the sheer scope can be overwhelming.

Moreover, the role of in-house lawyers has changed significantly over the past few years. Expectations for a strong push towards increasing effectiveness, playing a strategic role within organisations and being more proactive with CEOs and Boards, are becoming louder.

Aiming to explore the current issues facing the legal market, and better offer guidance and perspective to those in the legal ecosystem, we spent six months researching the intersection between in-house counsel and legal technology, interviewing General Counsels and Legal Operations teams across a wide variety of industries…